2 July 2015
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2 July 2015, Comments: 1

It’s with very heavy hearts that we share the passing of one of our dearest friends, Dr. George Patterson. “Dr. George”, as he was affectionately known by all of us, was a 6-year pancreatic cancer survivor when he joined us as a participant in California in 2006. With his caring personality, love for fly fishing and many years as a psychologist, he was the perfect fit for us, and became a Retreat Facilitator the next year. He made a profound difference to so many men as he lead retreats in Colorado, California, Oregon and Washington.

The best word that describes Dr. George (along with irrepressible, gregarious, funny, talented, huge-hearted, and Gilligan’s Island theme song singer!) is vivacious. He simply LOVED life and loved living, and approached every obstacle and challenge with an indomitable spirit. He was an inspiration to those of us who worked with him, and to those hundreds of men he touched at our retreats.

Here is a photo of Dr. George from just a couple months ago. Note the oxygen tubes; he was on it 24/7 but no way was that going to keep him from his passion; that smile says it all. That was George, and we will miss him dearly. Be Well, George; Fish On!george2

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  1. Mike Pfaff says:

    God bless you George for saving souls and lives.