10 September 2014
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10 September 2014, Comments: Comments Off on Impact Down Under

Reel Recovery’s lasting impact down under: we just received this wonderful note (and amazing photo) from Vaughan, one of our New Zealand participants.

“When you are so sick from all the treatment and surgery you have to go through to beat cancer, it is a very dark and lonely place.

The Reel Recovery programme was the door for me out to the other side; I recognized what not to dwell on and what to strive for. I had a chance to talk to people who really understood what it was like to be struck down with cancer and how you felt.

With all that I got out of the group sessions, it helped me immensely to put the cancer behind me and move on; it taught me to recognize that I have a love of life, family and a love for fly fishing fly, something unfortunately for a period of time, I had wacked out of me.

I had always been keen on fly fishing and to see the joy in the others at the retreat was simply amazing, I then realized fly fishing would be the positive for me to take going forward.

You might think what you all do in Reel Recovery is minor, but in fact it is a very powerful thing. I can assure you from my prospective it truly turned my life around very much for the better. I think of the wonderful time I had at Reel Recovery often, what you all did for us was exceptional, the kindness and empathy was simply amazing. I will never forget you all, it was a life changing experience for me in many ways.”
Vaughan fb

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