26 April 2014
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26 April 2014, Comments: 3

“Once I got my sense of taste back after chemo, I started to really savor food; now I know to try my best to savor every moment in life; that’s what I have learned about myself from having cancer.” This is just one of the many meaningful stories shared by our Missouri Retreat participants this week. What a fantastic experience we had! The Courageous Conversations were open, deep and emotional, and the fishing with our caring, experienced Missouri Buddies was the perfect juxtaposition: fun, exciting and joyful! Thanks go out to Dave Caravella and his Team for creating another magical Missouri experience. Be Well! Fish On!

3 responses on “Missouri Magic!

  1. Wayne Simpson says:

    I cannot pull up the 2014 photos of the Rockbridge, Mo. retreat. Have you posted them somewhere else as they are not on you photo retreat page?

    • Stan Golub says:

      Hi Wayne. I sent you instructions via email as to how to find the photos. Email back if you still have a problem. Be Well! Fish On! Stan

  2. Fantastic group of men whom I’m honored to have met and shared time with. Be Well! Fish On!