31 May 2016
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31 May 2016, Comments: Comments Off on Beautiful Words From a Daughter

“My dad just recently attended one of your Reel Recovery expeditions this past week in Indiana. I just wanted to say thank you for your organization. I just spent an hour on FaceTime listening to him rave about this. He loved everything about it: the food, the hotel, the fishing, the other men and the volunteers that taught them. He said at first he didn’t want to go because he feels like a freak. He said even after he got there he wanted to come home, but after the first conversation his nerves relaxed and he didn’t want to leave! He talked about the vest that they signed and the things he learned about, like his “man pride” and how he wasn’t going to let that get in his way anymore. (Which we have all been telling him but it wasn’t until this trip that he finally heard it!) Know that what you all are doing is making a difference for people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my dad a few days of bliss” . From the daughter of a participant at our recent Kentucky/Indiana Retreat, beautifully describing the kind of transformations men experience at our Retreats. Be Well! Fish On!13333001_10154103577800549_5983819850910366878_n

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