15 March 2014
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15 March 2014, Comments: 3

Kia Ora! Reel Recovery New Zealand launched! Participants and buddies gathered here at Castle Rock Lodge before heading out to fish some of NZ’s famous waters. We’ve already had several meaningful and deep “Courageous Conversations” as the 10 participants bonded immediately and have openly shared their stories. It’s amazing how universal are the issues confronting men with cancer as these men have expressed many of the common themes shared by their US brothers. Team NZ has this dialed in and the Retreat couldn’t be better managed. Even the Cyclone that was threatening NZ today has withered and we’re seeing 70 degrees and partial sunshine!??????????????????????

3 responses on “New Zealand, Here We Are!

  1. Gordon Goodman says:

    To all the guys there I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help and strength you have given me.

    To all my new chinas I say CHEERS,


    • Stan Golub says:

      Gordon, It was a great pleasure to meet you and share the weekend with you and your mates. Not sure what a “china” is but coming from you I’m sure it’s a compliment. Stay well, friend. Stan

  2. Craig Caldwell says:

    me old china
    Cockney rhyming slang when refering to a mate, as in plate, china plate, mate… get it?

    Used more back in the day by East London gangsters “How ya doin’ me old china?”