16 May 2014
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Category: Retreats 2003-2016
16 May 2014, Comments: 2

A little Spring snowstorm in the Colorado mountains couldn’t deter our intrepid participants at our Colorado Retreat just finishing up today. This is just one of many beautiful fish that brought smiles despite the chill, at the stunning North Fork Ranch in Shawnee. co1 fb

2 responses on “Palomino Trout

  1. Kyle Aderman says:

    Great job Kevin, you took a lot of time with Stan to catch that once in a life “Palamino” trout. Be Well! Fish On!

  2. Todd Goddard says:

    Hello, I am a past participant in 20008. Unfortunately six years later my same cancer has come back and I have had surgery and recovery again. I am so far from the beginning they are not completely sure what to do, so this is virgin territory. This retreat was amazing and I gleaned a lot of information from it. I am not sure what I would have done. It was new then and is new again now. Thank you. Hope I can learn more.